15 useful code snippets for Java developers

15 useful code snippets for Java developers
  • Converting int to String and Strings to int
  • Converting String to date in Java
  • Converting Java util.Date to sql.Date
  • Using Java JDBC to connect to Oracle
  • Using NIO to copy Java file fast
  • HTTP Proxy setting in Java
  • Generating PDF in Java by using iText JAR
  • Generating PDF in Java by using iText JAR
  • Sending the HTTP request and fetching data with Java
  • Creating JSON data in Java
  • Converting Array to Map in Java
  • Sending HTTP request while fetching data with Java
  • Using Java to send an email
  • Get name of current method
  • Appending content to file in Java

Web Article - Angular CLI

Initially, the entry barrier into the world of Angular development was pretty high because of the need to learn and manually configure multiple tools. Even to get started with a simple application, you’d need to learn the TypeScript language (an easy job for Java developers), learn how to configure and use the TypeScript compiler, ES6 modules, a module loader (e.g. SystemJS), test runners, npm, a dev web server. To work on a real-world project, you’d also need to learn how to test and bundle your app for deployment.


Hibernate Configuration File Tutorial

  • Windows 7
  • Java version 7
  • Eclipse Kepler 4.3
  • Maven 3.0.4
  • MySQL 5.0.86
  • JBoss-Hibernate Plugin 4.1.2 for Eclipse

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