Modern Enterprise Application Configuration with Spring

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"The Spring family projects have long been important tools in the enterprise Java developer's toolkit. Often though, Spring is characterized as being too dependent on XML. This session will take a deep look at how Java applications can be configured entirely in code, eliminating Spring-, JPA- and even Servlet-related XML. We'll also look beyond the core Spring Framework and explore how higher-level Spring projects like Spring Data and Spring Integration take advantage of code based configuration."

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How to Create a Java EE 6 Application with JSF 2, EJB 3.1, JPA, and NetBeans IDE 6.8

"The architecture of the application is shown in the above diagram, where it is organized into various tiers: Presentation, Business, Data Access and Data, where each has an important role to play and is segregated from one another."

Writed by Christopher Lam in DZone

Java 1.8 (JDK8): What's new?

New features in Java 1.8
  • Lambda expressions
  • Remove the Permanent Generation
  • Small VM
  • Parallel Array Sorting
  • Bulk Data Operations for Collections
  • Define a standard API for Base64 encoding and decoding
  • New Date & Time API
  • Provide stronger Password-Based-Encryption (PBE) algorithm implementations in the SunJCE provider
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SQL? NoSQL? NewSQL? What's a Java Dev to Do?

ETE 2012 - Chris Richardson - SQL? NoSQL? NewSQL?!? What's a Java developer to do? from Vimeo

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