Configure and Create Maven test application

"Maven is the java build tool that helps the create enterprise application in the standard directory structure and resolve the dependency to compile and run the application. Maven is used to create deployable artifact. It is project management tool that provide build capabilities."

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Free Java EE 6 Video Tutorial

Free online tutorial about JPA, EJB 3, JSF, JMS, JAX-RS and CDI. The tutorial starts from the very basics and teaches Java EE, API by API/feature by feature, through a series of progressive code examples that build on the one before it. The tutorial uses GlassFish, NetBeans and MySQL.

55 New Features in Java SE 8

This talk is on 55 new features in Java 8.

The Java EE 7 Platform: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5

About movie:
In this code-based presentation Oracle's Arun Gupta walks you through what's new in Java EE 7 and will show you how to boost productivity by taking advantage of certain APIs, like Processing, Caching, and much more!

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