Web Article - JSF Tomcat Configuration Example

In this example we can view how configure JSF with Tomcat application server.
For this was created a simple project using JSF and then deployed it in tomcat server.

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Video - JVM

Em sua apresentação no 7Masters Java, em novembro do ano passado, falou sobre JVM e a linguagem para qual ela foi desenvolvida, o Java.

Default CDI Enablement in Java EE 7

CDI provides control over component scanning via the 'bean-discovery-mode' attribute. This attribute has three possible values:

  • annotated - loosely translated, means that only components with a class-level annotation are processed.
  • all - all components are processed, just like they were in Java EE 6 with the explicit beans.xml.
  • none - CDI is effectively disabled.

Source: The Aquarium

Stress-Testing Java EE 6 Applications Without Stress

About movie:
In the context of Java EE 6, unit tests are nice but worthless. Unit and integration tests execute chunks of the business logic in a single thread. Back-end resources and shared states are simulated with mocks. After the initial deployment, your application will never be executed again in a single thread. Strangely enough, most applications aren't load-tested until shortly before the deadline and are put into production regardless of the results. This session shows how to continuously stress-test your Java EE applications with open source tools and lots of fun!

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