Install Intel Virtualization Technology

When you try install Intel Virtualization Technology located in 

you can get following error

The first solution are:
  • VT-x and VT-d turned on in BIOS
  • Don't have Hyper-V enabled on
But the error may continue to appear, the other solution is

If you have avast antivirus installed this can be the problem.
I uninstalled Avast and rebooted. 
Then I was able to install HAXM.
After the installation of HAXM i reinstalled avast.

This solved my problem.

Web Article - Android: Boost up the Android emulator speed up to 400% on Intel based architecture

Okay, it is slow. Then what can we do about it?

Let us go through steps to solve the slowness problem of Android emulator;
  1. First, let us delegate the rendering process to host GPU instead of overhead our CPU by this process, it will make it happy. Do it by checking "Use Host GPU" checkbox in AVD’s edit window.
    The screen should now look better and be more responsive. That is because the CPU is happy to not dealing with the tedious work of doing rendering anymore. However, that is still not fast enough.
  2. Second we need to download Intel Atom (x86) system image for each Android version you need to use for testing.
  3. Third, download Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM, for Mac and Windows only). This will enable virtual machine acceleration capabilities of the Intel CPU, from Android SDK manager –> tools. Or install it from Intel site.
  4. The SDK only copies the Intel HAXM executable on your machine, and it is up to you to install the executable.
    To install the Intel HAXM executable, search your hard drive for IntelHaxm.exe (or IntelHAXM.dmg on Mac OS X). If you left everything to default, it should be located at%Android_HOME%\sdk\extras\Intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager\IntelHaxm.exe.
    Intel HAXM only works in combination with one of the Intel® Atom™ processor x86 system images.
  5. In order to be able to install the Intel HAXM, you need to have Intel VT-x enabled in your BIOS, otherwise you will get an error like this during install.

    Enabling Intel VT (Virtualization Technology)

    How do I enable Intel VT in your machine BIOS?
    1. Boot into BIOS.
    2. Select "Config".
    3. Select "CPU".
    4. Press enter at "Intel Virtualization Technology".
    5. Select "Disable".
    6. Press F10 and select Yes.
    7. Boot into Windows then shutdown the system.
    8. Boot into BIOS again.
    9. Select "Enable" – Intel Virtualization Technology.
    10. Press F10 and select Yes.
  6. After installation goes successful, edit your AVD and chose Intel® Atom (x86).
  7. Finally Hit okay, then lunch your cake and definitely enjoy the speed.
VIP Note:
You could say that this level of speed should be sufficient. That may be true, but an issue with the Intel x86 images is that you do not get Google Apps, they only come with ARM images. This is important if you are testing an app that usesGMaps, or Google Play Services.


LXXIII Encontro da Comunidade SQLPort - Coimbra - 22SET2015

Realiza-se no dia 22 de Setembro de 2015, terça-feira, o LXIII Encontro da comunidade SQLPort, que tem como objectivo a partilha de experiências e conhecimento entre os profissionais e entusiastas de SQL Server em Portugal. O evento vai ser realizado nas instalações da Critical Software, pelas 18:30, sendo a entrada livre para todos os inscritos.

Morada: Parque Industrial de Taveiro, lote 49, 3045-504, Coimbra


18:30 Abertura e recepção
19:00 "Query Store in SQL Server 2016" - André Batista (DBA - CrossJoin)
20:10 Intervalo
20:30 "Azure Databases e Database Elastic Pools" - Virgilio Esteves (Azure MVP, CTO & Owner - Broadscope)
21:40 Sorteio
22:00 Jantar livre

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